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The Renaissance Faire Junkie

Valentine's Gallery of Rogues

This is the place to find out more about some of the Rennies, weekend Rennies and Rennie-wannabes that can be found at any faire. I also showcase photos taken by fellow faire goers - I'm not the only one who runs about the faire with a fairy box!

If you have a picture of yourself taken at a faire, or a picture you have taken of a friend or family member at a faire, you can email me a GIF or JPG file and the story that goes with it. Please attach the GIF or JPG to the email rather than including it in the body of the message; my mail reader knows how to handle attachements, but gives me garbage if the image is inline. If I like the story, and the image is good (meaning I can create a thumbnail image from the original), you may just see yourself in the Rogues' Gallery at some future date!

Remember, click on the small images to see the full-sized picture.

All images are Copyright © by the photographer.

Michael, Jane & Andrea Schmid

Andrea, Jane, Michael Michael Michael, his wife Jane and step-daughter Andrea hale from Dallas, where they attend Scarborough and Hawkwood quite frequently. They can also be found at various other faires (the family portrait was taken at the Colorado Renaissance Faire in Larkspur, Colorado).

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Mike Subler

Mike Let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Subler. I've been going to fairs for about 12 years. This year (1997) I've been to 3 different ones. I hope to go to 4 next year. I need to work on my accent. Hope to see you at a fair sometime.

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Larry Smith

Larry is the Privateer in black Opening weekend at the Tx Ren Fest (1997) was my first time going to a Ren Fest, and I can't think of a time that I had more fun. I went with a group of friends, but they had all been before. 3 weeks before the fest my wife started sewing, before you could say Tx Ren Fest she had put together about 10 or 12 costumes. This picture is from the Sunday of opening weekend. I'm the privateer in black.

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Laura VanArendonk

Laura This is a picture of me, taken by my boyfriend, at the end of my second day's visit to my first faire (Ohio Renaissance Festival). As we were leaving, the flower girls asked if we wanted to buy the last of their wares -- all we could carry for $5! Of course, we cleaned them out, and my dorm room was filled with the heady odor of literally dozens of roses for the next few weeks!

I think we can safely assume that Laura will be back

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Harry & Laura Hackney

Harry We regularly attend the Renfairs, up until April of this year (1997) we attended the Georgia renfair EVERY weekend in the spring and the fall. All those times and not once did we bring a camera. Laura We have not been to the Texas Renfair yet but we cannot wait, unfortunately living in San Antonio, and working in Austin, we will not be able to attend every weekend. Hopefully we'll make it to TRF at least two weekends this year. We also are making tentative plans to attend the Pennsylvania renfair next year. At the time we moved to Texas and got settled in we had already missed all of the fairs in the area (Austin, Ft. Worth, Waxahachie) so we're planning on attending these next year. I haven't met anyone yet that regularly attends the refairs in our area, I know they're out there we just need to find them.

Visit Harry & Laura's Home Page.
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Blake Young & Friends

Wayen, Susan, Allison, Sherri, Sheila, Annette, Blake We meet every year, as we have been doing for 9 or 10 years now, to camp at Tx Ren! We are not Rennies either. We are but simple attendees who have become hopelessly hooked on the Faire. We camp on the far side of the parking lot. (with the non-ren peasants!) One of our couples comes from Austin, and now since I have moved... I travel the furthest for this annual pilgramage.... from Ft. Smith, AR. One year we became bold with Rum and snuck up to the faire grounds at midnight and actually found out how to get to the Rennie's campsites. We partied there with them for an hour or two until we were exposed as "outsiders" and sent packing.

From left to right: Wayne Maples, Susan McDonald, Allison Faverino, Sherri Scantling, Sheila Czichos, Annette Rinehart, and Blake in the lower middle.

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Tim Hayes & Sharon

Tim Hi. My girlfriend and I are going to be at the Scarborough Fair this year (1997) and we are really looking foward to it. We went 2 years ago and just loved it. That time we rented costumes and had a ball. But this time Sharon went all out and made some really great outfits for us to wear. Check them out. She did a wonderful job. Sharon Anyways, the reason that we are writing is that we were hoping that you could send us the lyrics to some of the songs sung at the pub so that we can sing along. My singing voice isn't that great, but we noticed that we would fit right in. Your web page is great! Keep up the good work. We especially LOVED the cat in chain mail! We are going to be there the entire Memorial Day weekend (all 3 days). If you see us there say hi because we would really like to meet you. Heres how we will look. See you there.

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Kevin & Mary Anne Gallagher

Kevin and Mary Anne are avid Rennies! Kevin says, "We cannot go as often as we would wish due to our careers. She is a VP at a large bank here in Baton Rouge, LA ... while I do an early morning radio show on WRNO fm in New Orleans (70 miles away!)."

Kevin and Mary Anne Kevin and Mary Anne love the wares of fine craftpeople like Lady Dra and Pendragon (they are wearing Pendragon creations in the photo). Kevin and Mary Anne get to make two, sometimes three weekends at the Texas Renaissance Festival, and they always come to Scarborough Faire at least once a year.

Kevin says, "It's nice to know there are others like us, who desire an ocassional shifting into an earlier, more romantic time. We would love to hear from other like-minded souls who are also Renaissance Faire Junkies."

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James "Jaymer" Holcombe

James and Barabas James "Jaymer" Holcombe's home faire is the Georgia Renaissance Festival where he hung his perch for 5 years. He says one of his hobbies is visiting Renaissance Faires around the country for fun, and that's where this photo is from, taken at Scarborough in 1995. Jaymer always travels with a "companion" or two - this one is Barabbas, Red Fronted Macaw. He also is sometimes seen with Lurch (African Grey) or Amos & Atilla (Moluccan Cockatoos) or Rosko P. Koletrane, his White-Eyed conure.

Jaymer now makes his home in Tampa, Florida, where he is active in the numerous faires in the sunny state. He still enjoys his regular trips to Scarborough & Kansas City. More than playing any one particular "persona", he enjoys spending time outside with one of his pets and meeting new friends - and talking about birds, of course.

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Crockett Smith

Crockett is an entertainer at Scarborough Faire. Here are a couple of photos from his archives.

Lost These two Ladies seem to awaiting someone to take them shopping, a misplaced husband perhaps. (In fact the smaller woman on the right, who has left the Scarborough Acting company for the Chicago area, is the related to GUIDO CRESCENDO by marriage.)

Madrigals Here are the Madrigals of Scarborough as they sing Fair Phyliss I saw, a song about kissing, at their 4:30 show near the late Cottage/Stone stage. Normally Crockett would be seen on the back row with the tenors, but this time he was taking the picture.

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David Miller, Sr.

David Miller David was checking out the helms trying to decide which one to add to his outfit. The costume (tunic and mantle) were made by his Lady Sharon. David is "THE TEMPLAR"-- either in the white and red-- or all Black with the Templar's cross on the Mantle.

This photo was taken by David's daughter,who came in from Florida especially for Closing day, 1995, after surviving a bout of chemotherapy.

1996 Update:
Thanks to the "BLACK WIZARD", David and his family had about a 20-30 minute private audience with the King and Queen. The King made an announcement at closing (at the gate) about David's daughters and how "Scarborough's MAGIC" was instrumental in pulling them through. The entire cast and patrons rewarded them with much applause. To make a long story short--IT COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN BETTER and it meant so much to David's eldest daughter (the one who lives in Florida) as she still has a rough way to go to get back to normal.

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Larry "Lawrence the Fox" McAdams

Larry Larry is a longtime friend and somtimes squire for Sir William Blackthorne (to find out more about Sir William, visit the Gath of Baal Memorial Joust). That's Larry in Sir William's armour. Larry also films the jousts at Scarborough. He's the one who films the ground-level action. If you look very carefully at the jousting pictures from the Gath of Baal Memorial Joust, you can always find Larry on the rail. He and I were directly opposite each other.

Larry and Ceaser Larry is also the original tights junkie. According to Ginger of Faire Paire Tights and Such, Larry wears tights that are even too wild for rodeo clowns! Here's a picture of him with Ceaser backstage at the knight's camp at Scarborough.

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Brian & Karen Murphy

(Brian and Jen) Brian & Karen have gotten progressivly more involved with Texas renaissance faires over the last few years. They regularly attend Cavilier Dayes in Austin and the Four Winds faire outside Tyler. Of course, they also attend the opening weekend of Scarborough. Karen

The first picture is of Brian and his daughter from Cavalier Dayes. The second is of Karen in a new outfit at Four Winds.

Brian & Karen will be at Scarbourgh every weekend, weather permitting. Please say hello.

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Bill Watters

Bill Bill, or as he is known to FaireFolk, Don Giovanni Franchesco Marco di Abestanzi, Baron di Pizzan, works the California faire circuit and is the guildmaster for Santa Maria (the Italians). He's also done the Kansas City faire (being from Kansas until he went to California to go to school) way back when, but for the last eight plus years, he's been mostly to the California faires. Bill always loves to see and hear about the other faires around the country.

If you'd like to chat or trade stories of faires gone by, please drop Bill an email.

Rich Thomas

Rich has, in his own words, "been messing around with the Maryland Ren-fest for years now." Rich used to work in the Middleton Tavern in the center of the festival grounds; his brother Jeff works there now. Rich helps out when he can, and help to get it set up and do some of the signs and things like that. Rich says, "I hope you get a chance to come out to Maryland again and be sure to stop by Middletons for some oyster shooters."

Minstrels of Mayhem Rich says The Minstrels of Mayhem are the greatest. His daughter Sydney talks about them all the time. It was at least 90 degrees or more that day at the Virginia Renaissance Festival but they kept their leather masks on for her. That's her in the picture (Dad took the photo). Sydney refers to the Minstrel in the lion mask as the big kitty. Sydney is becoming a Renaissance Festival Junkie herself. She already has her first costume and wants to wear it all the time.

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