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Renaissance Faires

SCRIBE The best place to find date and contact information for Renaissance events in North America is the SCRIBE web site. There is an alphabetical list of events, a list of events by state/provence, and a whole lot of information in the SCRIBE archives. To see the Faire through the eyes of other people, take a look at some of the sites I've listed in Personal Pages.

Events not listed by SCRIBE

These are events that I know about that (for whatever reason) are not listed with SCRIBE. These may be shows with less than the minimum run required for a SCRIBE listing, or they may not be in North America (SCRIBE only lists North American events).

The Eureka Springs Renaissance Faire (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)
Grand Valley State University Renaissance Faire (Allendale, Michigan)
The Medieval Festival at Fort Tyron Park (New York, New York)
The North Texas Irish Festival (Dallas, Texas)
Ohio State University Medieval and Renaissance Festival
Silver City Renaissance Faire (Silver City, New Mexico)
Warwick Castle (England)

Unofficial Home Pages

These are informational web sites targeting specific faires, but are not really "official" web sites (the official web site is the one listed with the SCRIBE). So I've listed them here.

Colorado Renaissance Festival
The Unofficial Colorado Renaissance Festival Home Page
Maryland Renaissance Festival
Maryland Renfest Withdrawal Syndrome Lots of great pix and fond memories
Minnesota Renaissance Festival
The Minnesota Renfest GateKeepers

SCA & Living History

Ashford Academy of Renaissance Arts Barony Bordermarch Coat of Arms
Barony Bordermarch in the Kingdom of Ansteorra (SCA)
The Collegiate of the Knights Templar
Eras of Elegance Not quite living history, but a good resource
English Renaissance Reenactment Home Page A very good resource for costuming, etc.
Known World Web A resource for the SCA
The Living History Company of Nevada, Inc.
Living History International
The Official SCA Web Site Includes links to local SCA groups
Plantagenet Events Living History event organizers in the UK
Recreating History
Virtual Fooles Troupe © Home Page A Performance Arts group in the Kingdom of Antir (Brisbane, Australia)
Wolfshead Bowmen A medieval re-enactment society based in "1066 Country" near Hastings, East Sussex, UK.


Black Forest Shires Christine & Jeff's interest in draft horses started when they were involved in jousting. They have some very good pictures of Jeff jousting.
The Devil's Horsemen This troupe is based in Buckinghamshire, England
The Free Lancers of the Cimmerian Combatives Company
Lance-A-Lot Productions
Seattle Knights
War Horse Productions The New Riders of the Golden Age

Stage Combat and Highland Gamers

Dark Ages Live Steel Productions
Don Juan and Miguel Swordfighting Comedy
Hack and Slash Check out SlashCam!
Master Lee Master of Karate and Comedy
The Naughty Nobles
The Noble Blades
The Ring of Steel
The Royal Chessmen Stage Combat and Living Chess
The Swordsmen Bold and Stupid Men at Your Service!
The Tortuga Twins
The Wild Highlanders


Last Chance Forever
The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

Guilds & Performing Companies

The Biggins Family
The Bristol Harbour Seadogs
California Indepedent Renaissance Guilds Association (CIRGA)
The Greyhound Guild You can find them at the Arizona Renaissance Festival
The Guild of St. Cuthbert
The International Wenches Guild
Kompania Wispersteppe The Gypsies of Scarborough Faire
Medieval and Renaissance Performers Guild at Ohio State University
The Pyrates of the Cardiff Rose Thorne's Demi-Official Cardiff Rose web site

Musical Acts

3 Hams on Rye
Axel the Sot's Pub on the Web
The Bilge Pumps
Caprizzio - Women of Whimsey
Ceili's Muse
Commedia dell' Carte
The Corsairs
The Daring Devilinis
Ded Bob
The Flaming Idiots
Gibbon's Home on the Web
The Jolly Rogers
Liza Kay
Kenny Klein
The Minstrels of Mayhem
Pay the Dog
The Pyrates Royale
The Spoonfed Tribe Drum Jam personified
The Tudor Tarts
Wild Mountain Thyme

Celtic Music

Bardsong - Zoe Alexander
The Blarney Brothers
Bully Ruse
The Flying Fish Sailors
Gabriel's Gate
Gordian Knot
The Ravens
The Rogues of Scotland
Six Mile Bridge
Southwest Celtic Music Association


Fowl Tales Pirate Parrots!
Isis and the Star Dancers
The Official Puke and Snot Home Page Shakespeare for Transients
Sound & Fury
Teatro di Pecorino Romano Michele makes custom masks, too
Theater in the Ground Mud show. 'Nuff said.
The Zucchini Brothers

Browse the League Merchants

These are just a few of the merchants that I have found at different Renaissance events or on the web. Listing here does not imply endorsement of their product.

Armouries & Weapons
Angel Sword
Armoured Dragonfly
The Forgery
The Hammered Wombat
Lundegaard Armoury Hovel Page
Museum Replicas Limited
Starfire Swords, Ltd.
Valentine Armouries

Chainmail and More
ChainMaille Fashions
Kate Cox Designs

Clothing and Costumes
A Wardrobe in Time
The Bored Housewife
The Celtic Weaver
Dragonfly Design
The Dye Spot
Faire Pair Tights
Half Moon Leathers
The House of Dra Custom Clothing and Costumes
Handmaid By Kaththea
Marieka Productions - Fabric of the Earth Designs
Merlyn Custom Costuming
Moresca Clothing & Costume
Pendragon Costumes
Renaissance Dancewear
SeamLyne (Re)Productions
Sew Knightly
Threads of Time
White Pavilion Clothiers

Costume Accessories
Dragon Wings
Highland Anvil

Catskill Mountain Moccasins
Crystal Mountain Moccasins
Medieval Moccasins
Sodhoppers Custom Leather and Jewelry

Fine Furniture by Dan, the Master Joyner
Sky Chair

Distant Caravans
Green Duck Designs Books and more ...
Snapdragon Gifts

Art of Fire The glass blower at Maryland
Laughing at the Sun Studio Lampworked Glass by Ricky Charles Dodson
Laughing Frog Designs Glass beads and glass bead jewelry by Jennifer Joseph Davis
The Medieval Light Company

Herbals, Incense and Oils
Castile Moon Handmade Bath-n-Bawdyworks
Crystal Mountain Oils & Incense
Herbalist Delight
Ravens Nest Herbals

Celtic Wedding Rings
The Crafty Celts
Pucker Pins Wench Jewelry Check out 1979-84 and send a Wench-A-Gram

Brad's Place
Medieval Crafters
Renaissance Faire

Don Lewis Designs Wooden mugs
Dragons & Stuff Ceramic incense burners (teapots, too!)
Dragonwing Tents and pavillions
Fellowship Foundary
Lady McArthur's Fiery Fare Raging Garden Relish is my favorite!
Mom Crosewl's Magic Shop
Thompson Fine Arts
YaraK Raptor Art and more ...

Captain Jake's Big Blow The Didjeridu Page
Healing Earth Drums
Jester's Court Various Renaissance and Celtic artists

Alter Years Authorized for Renaissance Pleasure Faire ® of California

Toys, dolls & soft sculpture
Crystal Stix
Dragon Realm Studios Posable dragon miniatures
Glorianna! Statuettes
JoNan's Dolls
Knotworks Puzzles
Sleeping Dragon
Sleeping Dragon South

Personal pages

A Day at Scarborough Faire with the Gehr Family There's even a picture with me in it!
Aislinge's Home on the Internat Aislinge works at Sterling Forest (NYRF)
Barb's Photo Gallery
Blackthorne's Quest. Blackthorne is a performer at the Arizona Renaissance Festival
The Bronx Elf
Captain Jake Flasheart
Castle MacDobhran

ChrisTexan's Wonderful Web Page Check out Kink's Corsetry, Goth & Renaissance Fashion Links
Cynthia Cynthia Morrison is the 1999 AJA International Women's Jousting Champion.
David & Mary Luckhardt's Pages Follow links to the Sealed Knot pages
The Emerald Dragon's Renaissance
Evenstar's Home on the Net Scarborough, TRF and Hawkwood
Henrietta, the Florida Renaissance Wench and Baker
The Jackels Trip to the Minneapolis Renaissance Faire
Jousting at Warwick Castle (England) John Webb has some excellent pictures of The Devil's Horsemen.
Kalani Net Home of the one and only K.Kalani Patterson
Keltic's Page Keltic works at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
Lord Johan Bjornsson's Virtual Castle
LuAnn visits Scarborough Faire
LuAnn visits TRF
Oleg Volk's impressions of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Robyn's Roost Scarborough, St. Louis, Bristol, Midlands and much more
Rosalily's Renfest Regalia Rosalily is a performer at Minnesota
The Roguish Wench
Ryleh's Renaissance World
Shadows Renaissance Retreat
Sjerven Fjord Four Winds, Hawkwood and Scarborough.
Stuart's Renaissance Festivals Kansas City
Texas Renaissance Michael has dual passions: Renaissance Faires and Celtic Music
Texas Renaissance Faires
Virtual Renaissance Fest The Banks Family visits the Texas Renaissance Festival
The White Dragon