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The League of Renaissance Merchants is moving from Yahoo WebRing to RingSurf. If you wish to join the League or just want to find out more about the League, visit our new home page at http://www.faire.net/renmerchant. If you are already a member of the Yahoo version of this Ring, you will need to join the RingSurf version of the ring before November 1, 2000. At that time the Yahoo version of this Ring will be deleted. Existing links will continue to work until that time; after that the links will simply be dead code on your web page.

Migrating From Yahoo

If you were a member of The League of Renaissance Merchants prior to the assimilation of WebRing by Yahoo, you will need to follow these steps to re-join the RingSurf incarnation of The League.
  1. Submit your site to the Ring. Sorry, there is no way to automatically move ring members from Yahoo to Ring Surf. You just have to sign up again. The page that you list for the Ring must be the page where the links will be located. This is a change in the requirements for being accepted to the Ring.
  2. Replace the old League links with the new ones that will be emailed to you. There is a new default set of links (home, next and previous) that uses three graphics. The links for the graphics will point to the faire.net server. You do not have to change the graphics links unless you want to use different graphics. If you do use a different graphics set, or a different style of links, be sure to copy the graphics from the Link Graphics page.
  3. Email the Ringmistress when the links are in place.
  4. After I receive your email, I will add you to this Ring and delete your site from the Yahoo ring.

Remember to re-join the League before November 1, 2000!

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