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Link Graphics

Feel free to use any of these icon sets for your League of Renaissance Merchants links. If you create a new set of icons that you just have to share with the rest of the world, send them to the ringmaster and they will be added to this page.

The standard set - Horizontal

The standard set - Vertical

The Lion Set - created by LOCH Design

The Shadow Set - created by SeamLyne (re)Productions

The Fantasy Set - created by Fantasy Cutlery

There are 3 pieces to this set.

The Wax Impression Set

There are 3 pieces to this set, created by Carl A. Breckner.

Graphics and HTML for "Browse" Links

If you don't want to join The League of Renaissance Merchants but still would like to link to Ring, you can use the icon shown below and one of the flavors of links for browsing.

Browse the List of Ring Members

This is a simple list of Ring Members. http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=renmerchant;action=list

Browse the Index of Ring Members

More information about each Ring Member is displayed in the index.


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